Nurture the Mind

It's the strongest muscle

Cleanse and Maintain

the Body,you only get one!

Nurture the Heart

it is your center!

Beauty is Everywhere

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TMP Is a voice for human beings who stand for and represent the importance of being an individual. As TMP grows, we will strive to provide our clients with original and unique products, which will enhance and carter to the clients personal style and taste.

We established ourselves to the World in 2012 and our heart has been pumping every since, not missing a beat!

We also provide our clients with a healthier and more personal scent experience with our all natural handmade scented products,allowing clients to create the scent experience that is tailored to their lifestyle and mood. The products line consist of a variety of different warmer melts for those who are may have small children or animals in the home and need a safe way to scent their homes. Our scents carter to multiple scent palettes from Gourmet scents to Exotic scents to Replicas of your favorite perfume or cologne. Not to mention our own exclusive custom in house blends, just ask and we can help!


We have also expanded to become a full custom business! Check out our handmade earrings, custom beverage mugs and our natural skin care products!